Iced Tea Recipes

Refreshing Iced TeaAn icy and refreshing cup of iced tea makes the heat of summer a little more bearable. For this reason, on most days we have a pitcher of iced tea at Moons Coffee & Tea for our customers. Many will be our own favorites but we will be experimenting to find other recipes. The ones that folks like will be included here, so check back often.

Iced tea doesn't necessarily need to be an exotic mixture of teas, fruit, and spices to satisfy your tastes and cool you off. Some tea leaves have such a delightful flavor that a simple brew poured over ice will do the job. That being said, the addition of mint leaves, squeezed lemon or orange juice, ginger, cardamom, star anise, or cinnamon, can make for a surprising and satisfying taste experience.

All our recipes will include an optional portion of sugar and/or honey but an artificial sweetener can be substituted. However, artificial sweeteners have their own taste (and sometimes after-taste), so be aware that the over-all experience can be different, just as the taste of iced tea will be different depending on the use of granular sugar or honey. Even honey tastes can vary depending on which flowers were pollinated by the bees.

We are always looking for new recipes to offer to Moons customers. In this spirit, we invite you let us know what your favorite iced tea recipe is. If possible, we can make a batch for the store to introduce your favorite brew to our other customers. We'll appreciate it and Moons visitors will, too. Thanks.