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Featured Products at Moons Coffee & Tea: Takeya Flash Chill Tea Makers

We found a cool new product to make brewing your iced tea faster and easier. Just pour your loose tea into the tea infuser. Twist the tea infuser into the lid then pour hot water into the tea maker, filling halfway. Lower the lid with infuser into the tea maker. To Flash Chill, remove tea infuser, top off with ice, seal the lid then shake for 30 seconds. Priced at $28.75 and $34.50 respectively, in 1 and 2 quart sizes in the colors shown.

Takeya Flash Chill System


  • The airtight lid keeps your brew fresh to the last drop & easily fits in the fridge: the pitcher can be stored full on its side!
  • Non-slip silicon handle for easy carrying
  • The fine mesh infuser is designed to brew whole leaf tea, and provides ample room for the tea to expand, unfurl and brew to release optimal flavors.
  • The tea maker body is made from a high-temperature, BPA-free material that is stain, cloud and odor proof and withstands temperatures from boiling hot to ice cold.



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